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The Art of Concealed Carry

An online, self-paced video training course that you can do on your own time!

    The training platform you can use both in home and on the range...on your own schedule.

    Build and develop skills that will help you to be more confident, precise, proficient and safe.

    Online, self-paced concealed carry training at an affordable price.

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About the Course

Master the important skills for concealed carry!

    Course Content


    This course will guide you on a journey to perfecting the art of concealed carry. Covering all the basics, by the end of this course you will be able to carry a concealed weapon with confidence.

    Start Up

    Using the lessons in this course you will become accomplished in concealed carry using muscle memory and repetitive exercises to train your mind and body to perform the skills necessary for concealed carry with the utmost precision.

    Safety Check

    Every time you practice you must perform a safety check. This is of utmost importance for completing these lessons.

    Trigger Discipline

    This unit introduces you to trigger discipline. With video demonstrations and exercises to practice, this is the first step in mastering the skills needed to perfect your technique.

    Accessing the Firearm

    Demonstrating accessing the firearm, which is one of the most important things to practice, this unit guides you through clearing your clothing with tips on holster placement.


    The drawing and flagging unit combined with practice of trigger discipline will help you develop the habit of being safe and avoid any critical mistakes.

    Getting on Target

    Covering the mechanics of acquiring a target, this unit builds on the previous lessons using muscle memory and repetitive practice to develop target skills.

    Sight Picture/Sight Alignment

    Acquiring and maintaining a clear sight picture is an important skill that needs to be developed. In this unit you will learn the techniques for achieving this part of your training.

    Trigger Control

    This unit will cover a smooth and consistent trigger pull. Again, building on the skills and development of your muscle memory learned in the previous units.

    Putting it all Together

    To master the art of concealed carry it is necessary to perform the mechanics learned in the previous lessons repeatedly until they flow together smoothly and naturally.

    Training Tips

    An added benefit, the final unit is filled with bonus training tips and exercises.

Why this course?

Self-paced, completely online and affordable!

There is an art behind every skill that requires a high degree of focus and training to master.

This is where I came up with the idea for Concealed Carry Arts.

The purpose of Concealed Carry Arts is to give you a training platform that you can work with on your own time both in home and at the range.

Using this training platform you will be able to build and develop skills that will help you to be more confident, precise, proficient and safe when getting your gun out of the holster, acquiring a target and getting shots down range.

With any acquired skill you need to continue to practice and train to reach that next level and excel at the skill.

I can assure you that if you take the time to train yourself on the fundamental skills you will learn during this Concealed Carry Arts course, you will see the results at the range and will have more confidence in your ability to use your concealed fire in a self-defense situation.

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